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Our Web Design Portfolio

We love to build websites and are proud of the sites we build! Here's a look at some of our customers' sites:

Oil of Gladness Fine Country Decor

Carolyn Hostetler has a sixth sense when it comes to country design. Her eye for country-chic decor brings the warmth of rural living into any home. Her highly successful booths at the Shipshewana Flea Market and at the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana have propelled her into the world of e-commerce. Take a look at the fun, beautiful products available on her website.

Oil of Gladness Fine Country website screenshot

Calling on the green and gold colors of Moorpark High School, this website pay homage to the mighty Musketeers, making it clear to the people of Moorpark that this tree surgeon knows their town. A clean, simple new logo, friendly font choices, and an easy-to-read narrative all combine in a responsive WordPress website to tell the story of the various tree services they offer.

Moorpark Tree Service web site screenshot

Gold Coast Inspectors

Recently we converted the Gold Coast Inspectors website to a responsive WordPress site, and our client couldn't be happier. The site showcases his home, pool, mold, and fire inspection skills in a clean format. SEO functionality is build in behind the scenes, and the CMS allows for easy updates to site content.

Gold Coast Inspectors web site screenshot

We've had the pleasure of working for since 2002, and our latest redesign took place in 2014. Their site features original artwork by famed artist LeRoy Neiman, and displays his work either framed or un-framed. As with many of our designs, this was a classic example of what can be done through the give-and-take of a group effort. We had ideas, they had ideas, and when it all came together we had a site to be proud of; it is one of our all-time favorites. web site screenshot

The Italian Pottery Outlet

We created the Italian Pottery Outlet's first website way back in 1998. Over the years the site did well, but as its age began to show we made the decision to redesign the entire site. With brighter colors, larger product images, and more lifestyle information, the site is now a beautiful feather in our cap. Have a look, and buy some pottery!

Italian Pottery Outlet web site screenshot

BPC Pest Control

Located in Ventura, California, BPC Pest Control is one of our favorite clients. We were fortunate to have them do work for us long before we took over their website, and found them to be honest, hard-working, and thorough. They're a great bunch and we highly recommend them. Plus, Pat is a great storyteller.

BPC Pest Control, Ventura, California

Dorian Agency Insurance

Located in Hawthorne, New York, just a half-hour from New York City, the Dorian Agency has serviced the insurance needs of clients in the entire tri-state area for more than 30 years. We redesigned their site in 2014 to showcase their offerings in personal insurance, business insurance, and specialty insurance.

Dorian Agency Insurance, Hawthorne, NY

Partners Brand Seed

Tucked away in quiet LaGrange County, Indiana is the "biggest little seed corn and soybean" company in the world. Partners Brand produces 2% of the world's seed corn, and currently has distributors in 23 states across the northwest, Midwest, and northeast.

Partners Brand Seed, Howe, Indiana

CSFI Loan Management

Managing construction costs can be a daunting task, but CFSI Loan Management helps to relieve the stress by keeping a steady hand on the process from start to finish.

CSFI Loan Management

Marcus Weise

After spending more than 30 years working as an Emmy Award-winning digital video editor behind the scenes, Marcus Weise ventured into the world of acting. We designed a website that suits his multi-faceted personality.

Marcus Weise, Actor

National Real Estate Solutions

With hundreds of thousands of properties in foreclosure, mortgage holders have had to deal with the problem of having vacant homes sitting unoccupied for sometimes months on end before a sale is possible. National Real Estate Solutions handles all aspects of REO properties, from start to finish. They offer property inspection, property preservation, field services, and property valuation. They are the answer to a long list of questions.

National Real Estate Solutions

Dowagiac Animal Hospital

Dr. Eugene Wilson, a longtime veterinarian serving the heart of the Michiana region, recently purchased the Dowagiac Animal Hospital, which has served the community since 1971. He and his staff provide quality, caring healthcare to pets in the area in a clean, loving environment.

Dowagiac Animal Hospital

Dr. Dean Amundsen, O.D. Advanced Vision Care

When Camarillo optometrist Dean Amundsen recently moved his practice to a new building with a spacious suite of offices, he and his staff also put a lot of time and detail into the office decor, resulting in a warm, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere that makes customers feel welcome and well cared for. The re-designed website utilizes the look and feel of the office decor, and is an easy-to-navigate informational site filled with everything you need to know about Dr. Amunsen and his services.

Dr. Dean Amundsen, O.D. Advanced Vision Care

Amish Workshops

Amish Workshops features articles, stories, photo galleries, recipes and hand-made crafts straight from Amish country. Visitors to the site can select from Amish-made crafts including hand-sewn quilts, wall hangings, clocks, hand-woven rugs, metal work, toys, games... you name it!

Amish Workshops

Holl Partners

Holl Partners LLC develops chemical reactors, an improvement over microreactors, that are basically high-tech blenders. His chemical reactors are used in petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Our goal was to create a visually pleasing website that worked well with the colors of Holl Partners' logo, and that also presented very technical information in a simple format. The company's tag line says it all: "Nothing is more difficult than basic simplicity!"

Holl Partners

Pacific Coast Sportswear

PC Sportswear, based in Orange County, California, is a manufacturer of team sports uniforms. They specialize in making uniforms for track & field, cross country, women's volleyball, and wrestling teams. In business since 1975, they are known for their outstanding quality and personalized service. They make traditionally sewn uniforms, and also dye-sublimated uniforms, which allow for greater customization of design.

PC Sportswear

More Than ERA™

More Than ERA™ produces analytical software, charts, and evaluation forms that help baseball pitching coaches identify and correct issues that negatively affect pitchers's performance. We designed the original, static website for More Than ERA in 2002. Recently we completed a full redesign of the website, which includes e-commerce functionality and the ability for customers to download statistical software immediately after purchase.

More Than ERA™ web site screenshot

The Shop: American Motorcycle Specialists

David Hansen, who is revered the world over for his expertise, has serviced Indian, Harley-Davidson, and all kinds of other American motorcycles for nearly forty years. In 1997 he hired us to build his first website. Those in the vintage motorcycle business are slow to change, and true to form it took 12 years for him to enlist us to re-design his website. The new site offers better search engine optimization and a streamlined e-commerce solution that makes buying from the website a breeze. Managing product entries and updates is vastly improved, making it easier for David's staff to keep the online inventory fresh.

The Shop: American Motorcycle Specialists' web site screenshot

The High Road Program

The recent re-design for The High Road Program focused on a return to the original logo color, addition of new images, and a simpler information flow.

The High Road Program website

Veteran's Emergency Technical Services

Like many website designs, this design was heavily influenced by the company's logo, which contains a camouflage affect. It is meant to appeal to firefighters and those with a background in the military.

Veteran's Emergency Technical Services web site screenshot

CJ Windows, Inc.

A local window installer for the past 15 years, CJ Windows saw the need to reach out to a larger audience than the local phone book offers. We filled the site with information about their excellent product line and its features, and we worked to help potential customers understand the personal nature of CJ Windows' service. The owner really does his own installations, and he really does care that the job is done right. In this age of mega-business, finding a local guy worthy of the job is a rare and precious find.

CJ Windows Products web site screenshot

After many years of working within the public school system, former teacher and administrator Patricia Kokinos realized the system is terribly broken and decided to do something about it. She wrote an award-winning novel, Angel Park, which tells the story of America's broken school system in a ficticious setting. Since publishing her novel Ms. Kokinos has taken her crusade to a higher level. We recently re-designed her website, which features her novel, her ideas, strategies for getting involved, information about her abilities as a speaker and school-change consultant, upcoming events, and media information. web site screenshot

BK Sports

Soccer is fun and exhilarating, and with that in mind we built this ecommerce site for BK Sports, which bills itself as your "one-stop soccer shop." The site is colorful, easy to navigate, full of great support imagery, and even offers users fun little soccer-related tongue-twisters on each page. Best of all, it accepts credit cards!

BK Sports web site screenshot

Poggio Etrusco

Hidden in the Tuscan village of Montepulciano, Italy is a lovely bed & breakfast, operated by Pamela Sheldon Johns, author of several well-known cookbooks, and her husband, artist Courtney Johns. In building this site we worked at capturing the pleasant beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

Poggio Etrusco web site screenshot

The Modeler's Art

Richard Melillo is a professional scale-model maker who creates miniatures that are truly amazing, including ships, cars, submarines, stagecoaches, and all kinds of things. We worked in close collaboration with The Modeler's Art to convey Richard's talents to a diverse audience; he wants to reach other scale modelers, manufacturers, and retailers who might benefit from his skills. The site uses flash photo galleries to feature his amazing work.

The Modeler's Art web site screenshot